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Between the long ride (in more ways than one) and missing his family, Jax didn't have the slightest urge to get out of bed. It wasn't until he heard a wailing start and Abel tiredly groaning (much like his father) through the baby monitor did he drag himself out of bed. Second to the calls of his boys did the running water of a shower register. He sat on the side of the bed to wake further for a minute before standing.

"I got them," he called toward the bathroom so Tara wasn't pressed to hurry. Boxers, jeans and a t-shirt were donned before finally leaving the room. Abel sat like his father just had on the mattress before he was awake enough to be happy about Daddy being home over his brother's cackling. Jackson was certain that the little one was fed before Mama Bear went for the shower and figured his youngest had gas or in need of a diaper change.

First Abel had his hair tussled. "Morning," he greeted his eldest. "Let's get some breakfast, yeah?" Abel gave a nod as he watched his dad scoop his little brother out of the crib. Thomas simmered back from the intensity of his cries while being burped by his father. The trio moved out of the room to the kitchen where Jax single handedly fixed two bowls of cereal and started a pot of coffee, never setting his fussy infant son down.

Abel did his part by getting spoons then climbed up and tiredly sat in his booster seat at the table. The youngest had not let out any remarkable burps but did reduce the amount of noise he had been making to an occasional fuss. "Your mom said Thomas was sick," Jackson made conversation with his eldest who only nodded while slowly digging into the breakfast set out before him. He followed suit with the small package that was Thomas tucked on one side of his chest.
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"The number you have dialed...925-555-1978 is unable to answer your call at this time.
Please leave a message after the tone...

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